The digital revolution has been great for marketing. It’s cheaper, it’s easier to target specific demographics and there are countless tools to make the process more efficient. But when you’re a company that needs to reach a lot of people at once, nothing beats traditional advertising methods.

Here are seven reasons (and benefits) of outdoor advertising and why it should still an important part of your marketing strategy:

Outdoor for Brand awareness

Where most of the advertising world now concentrates on conversion and ad attribution, because of the use of digital strategies, we mustn’t forget brand building for large audiences. Outdoor is a great way to get your brands name out there.

It’s highly visual – outdoor ads can be seen from a distance, which is much more difficult with digital.

It’s affordable – the cost per impression for outdoor advertising is lower than other forms of media such as TV and radio because it has an exceptionally high potential to reach large audiences; in fact you are three times more likely to see outdoor advertising than any other method.

Shopping centres, airports and city centres: Point of sale centric campaigns

While Covid may have disrupted shopping, hospitality and travel as we knew it. Footfall and therefore audiences will return to these site across the UK soon and the data suggests it’s already happening. When they do, outdoor is one of the best ways to reach the consumer right at the point of purchase whether in the shopping centre or street.

Street furniture is a great option in particular. This means adverts placed on bus shelters, billboards, benches, phone boxes and even bins.

Roads are often the most overlooked outdoor advertising space as they cover a large area of land with many potential viewers. However, traditional road advertising requires consent to use it. Fortunately roadside advertisement solutions have these rights baked right in making them great mediums.

Advertising space options – from large format billboard advertising to LED screens

The array of outdoor advertising options can be overwhelming with many choices on form, budget and delivery instruction. Design information for the ad delivery can be particularly complex!

From a billboard advert to roadside bus stops, it’s all possible but deciding what’s right for your business can be tricky. The Bank offers a full media planning and buying service for out-of-home advertising (and other media) designed to meet your needs. It doesn’t cost you a penny! (Yep, really.) Drop us an email for more information

Unique and innovative ads

Despite being viewed as a very traditional form of advertising, outdoor use is actually really innovative. The industry has really focused on new ways to make outdoor advertising more appealing and engaging, with new technologies such as digital screens.

Particularly innovative ad installations can be seen in towns and cities across the UK, particularly things like construction site building wraps that provide unique, experience led campaigns – a real WOW factor.

Pinpoint your digital campaigns

Think outdoor advertising only offers businesses the perfect medium for reaching an audience in one go without any of the targeting or precision issues that come with other forms of media, like TV commercials.

Outdoor ads can be used in conjunction with address and UK geo-location advert targeting via search and social media platforms to give brands multiple impacts from their outdoor and direct attribution.

Transit advertising goes green!

Advertising on the transport network, including bus advertising and train advertising, can support a businesses environmental objectives. Bus advertising in particular, while once perceived as “gas guzzlers” are now often electric and are one of the greenest forms of advertising. Add to that the ability to house multiple people – as opposed to cars – and you’ve got yourself a great fit for green credentials.

Accessible for small business and SME brands

Outdoor, incorporating techniques like billboard advertising, is a great use of out of home for a smaller, SME brand. It’s far from expensive and can carry your message to the consumer with incredible impact. Use outdoor to promote your brand by picking the highest impact site that you can, especially relevant if you have a website to use (meaning no wastage). If your message must relate to a geographic, bricks and mortar space, then let us select the optimum positions based on geographic data to support the best booking for your business.

Which are the three main types of outdoor advertising?

The main forms of out of home advertising include –

Billboards – giant posters that can be seen from a distance.

Digital screens and LED displays – these are typically used for point of sale advertising in shopping centres, airports or city centres.

Transit ads – this is when advertisers buy space on public transportation vehicles to promote their products or services.

Why is outdoor advertising important?

Out door advertising has been a staple of the industry for many years because it works. It provides brands a highly visible experience, can reach the target audience and has one of the best ad recall rates of any medium.

Does outdoor advertising still work?

Definitely. We recommend outdoor advertising to many businesses – large and small – as one of the most effective channels available. Construction sites and other bespoke installations can really make outdoor an incredible medium.

Even post-Covid, despite less people being on the streets, outdoor advertising is still a valuable tool for advertisers.

What are some of the benefits?

We haven’t listed enough on this page? Outdoor advertising is an affordable channel and it’s mobile. Consumers are able to see the ad as they walk down a city street or travel on public transportation – which means advertisers can reach their target audience wherever they happen to be at any given time of day. Email us now to discover why it can be a great option for you.

How do you get started with outdoor ads?

When planning an ad campaign, it’s important to think about how often your target audience passes by and what type of message they’re looking for. We help businesses to generate that insight and will search for suitable, available options. Best of all, this doesn’t cost you a penny – like most advertising campaigns at The Bank. So contact us today and lets look at an outdoor campaign for you.

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