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Every advertising agency should be like this. But they aren’t.

You can count on us for an original voice for your campaign, unique ideas you’ve never heard before and an agency setup that makes big campaign advertising accessible to everyone. We turn businesses into brands.

The Bank - digital advertising agency Newcastle upon Tyne

Expert traditional and digital advertising media planning under one roof.

Data driven campaigns, led by insight.


Our strategy development takes in a number of data touchpoints – over 1m – to understand the needs of your target consumer and their interactions with your sectors product or service. We look at the entire funnel and life cycle in our campaign planning, providing you with the insights you need and results.

This is advertising. Not digital and traditional.

When a clients strategy relies on digital and conventional media channels all at once and the customer’s world would expect nothing different, the solutions we provide must match this with a range of things in place to ensure we deliver truly effective omni-channel campaigns.
100% of the advertising budget goes on the ads.


Most media buyers will off their services for free. The Bank are no different, we partner with media owners and get paid when we place your ads. We go further, absorbing the cost of digital advertising management, creative development and reporting to ensure all of your budget goes on the ads, not just part.

Clients save up to 87% on rate card.


Our media planning and buying process is capable of generating huge savings for our clients, with a number of cost saving promotions that we work with our media owners on. Get your brand name out there even more successfully than ever before locally or nationally.

Advertise on the networks you know.

Hundreds that you don’t.

Digital Advertising agency Newcastle upon Tyne

Advertising services.

We help you to find your campaign voice with advertising creativity that is original, fresh and engaging. We will work with you to create new ways of communicating your brand story and its value. Our team includes copy, visual design, brand identity and graphical or video production as your campaign requires.

Media planning is the task of deciding which advertising media to use (TV advertising, press, radio) and where they should be placed. The difference between a good campaign and an effective one is the creative concept but it's useless if no-one sees it.

We procure space across the UK for business like yours, with all media partners. We focus on cost effective solutions that will reach the people that matter - your target customers - let them experience your campaign message and support the growth results you need.

We plan paid search and social media advertising campaigns right from the start. We create and manage advertising campaigns across all digital platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon and more. Our PPC and programmatic concepts will lower your cost per click and increase conversion.

Got a project in mind?

Whether you’re a Marketing Manager, CEO or Business owner thinking about running an advertising campaign as part of your brand strategy for the first time, or it’s the hundredth order, we have the inspiration and passion to deliver on your marketing strategy across the United Kingdom. Have a look at your advertising through fresh eyes and contact us today.