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MEET THE HUMANIMALS: Anthropomorphic advertising

According to the Urban Dictionary, a “humanimal is a hybrid of human and animal features, biological characteristics and/or behaviours”. Examples of these anthropomorphic creatures abound in popular culture; it is an age-old technique that has been adopted by civilizations as ancient as the Egyptians and the Greeks, but which has also impregnated today’s modern societies. [...]

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INSTABRANDS: How to win in the photo-sharing platform

Even if you don’t read the papers, chances are you will have heard about the astronomic amount of money that Facebook is about to pay to purchase Whatsapp – the instant messaging mobile app. Whilst everyone is wondering how they are going to get their $19bn back, marketers are rubbing together their hands at the [...]

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Enabling offline communities

In today’s fast-paced world, people are looking for a sense of connection. The popularity of websites like Meet-up, which allow people to organise groups online to meet offline, and the expansion of Godless Congregations like the Sunday Assembly, which bring people together without [...]


The role of established brands in the Sharing Economy

Over the past 5 years there has been a clear shift in consumer behaviour. The line between what’s mine and what’s yours has started to blur as people are increasingly sharing things and valuing ‘access to assets’ over ‘ownership’.

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In a world where many things turn out to be fads that wane away within a few months, Twitter has lasted and is still gaining a significant number of private and corporate users. For some brands, Twitter has become a customer service channel, for others it is used primarily to seed promotions, to launch new [...]

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Unconventional Subscriptions – Taking a Nontraditional Approach to Subscription Retail

It could be because of Amazon or, more accurately, our increasing need to have everything work as fast and conveniently as our smartphones do, but subscription retail clubs have made a huge impact amongst consumers and the new generation of startups. To be sent news, films, contact lenses, or some piece of fruit at a [...]


Here to serve!
- Functional Advertising -

To engage consumers, brands need to be innovative, yes, entertaining, yes, create stand out, yes, but what if brands could also add real value to our cities and everyday lives by simply turning the medium in which they promote their advertising messages into something functional for consumers? This year at Cannes Lions, a number of [...]


VINE – Interacting with Consumers in 6 seconds

Created in June 2012 and acquired by Twitter four months later, Vine was introduced as a free mobile app available through the App Store in January 2013. A couple of months later, Vine, became the most used video-sharing app and the most downloaded free app. The up-to-six-second looping videos can be shared or embedded on [...]



Yes, we all love a freebie and some of us will even go as far as queuing for it if needed, but how often do we really buy a product after having randomly tried it on the street? A recent study from HotCow revealed that 63% of consumers would buy the product sampled if they [...]


NO MONEY NEEDED – Alternative currencies

Thousands of transactions are made daily around the world and the majority of them involve money changing hands. These transactions tend to be meaningless, cold and impersonal. Seeking new ways to create meaningful interactions with customers, an increasing number of brands have introduced alternative payment methods. Not only do consumers get their ‘free’ product, but [...]